Co Operative Eco Friendly Car Insurance

The Co operative insurance group were actually the very first company to offer eco friendly insurance policies to their customers. They will off set 20% of your carbon emissions for free when you sign up. This money is spent on rain deforestation projects and other worthwhile causes around the world. Unlike other providers, you do not have to pay to off set this amount, and many people are turning to the Co operative for this reason. They are also involved in many fair trade initiatives as well, and certainly have a large scale involvement in saving the planet.

If your car happens to be damaged and you make a claim, then the Co operative will ensure the repairers recycle any damaged parts such as body panels in the most efficient way. What is also unique is the customer led focus on helping environmental damage, and they listen and take action based on what their customers feel are a priority. Again this is much different to other car insurance companies who tend to have a set policy on where your money goes to.

Co op is part of the CIS insurance group who have been providing outstanding insurance services for over 100 years. They have won many awards for their customer service and reliability, and are one of the top car insurance companies in the UK. Adding conservation initiatives to their standard policies puts them a cut above the rest. There are also some great benefits when you choose the Co operative, and independent research has shown you could save up to £195 on your car insurance with the Co op.

They offer 70% no claims bonus if you have not made a claim in the last 5 years, and this can be enhanced by a further 11% if you do not make any claims. This is one of the highest bonuses offered by anyone in the industry. Another advantage is that they make your policy easy to understand, what they quote is what you will pay. Many companies have a habit of hiding the true cost of your premium until you are about to actually pay. They usually give you the most basic level of cover and then you find you will need extras like breakdown cover, and legal cover. This then adds to the cost and you end up finding the premium is much higher than you thought.

At present they are offering UK and European breakdown cover for half price, at just £29, which is far less than what other car insurance companies can offer. You can also get instant cover, so once your online form is completed, you will be covered within 24 hours. Flexible payment options are available, and you can choose the excess level if you want to bring the cost of the policy down a little bit. If you want to your bit for the environment without increasing the cost of your insurance then Cooperative car insurance is the place to go. They are the only company that off sets carbon emissions for free.

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